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Wedding New Year’s Resolutions

Wedding New Year's Resolutions || www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog || Photo by www.OrlandoWeddingPix.com

Congratulations! You’re getting married!! This is one of the most exciting times in your life and a moment you’ve been dreaming of since you can remember. Naturally, you want this day to be picture perfect, not only wanting the best food and décor, but also the best you. Many brides put a lot of focus on getting themselves picture perfect for the big day; lose 10 pounds, get a tan, whiten your teeth, the list can go on and on. Since we’ve just celebrated the New Year, we’d like to propose some fun New Year’s Resolutions you can add to your wedding check list.

Try New Cuisine. Each time you go out to eat, try something new. You may find out you now like mushrooms or have a new-found love of oysters. Trying new food items could end up inspiring your wedding dinner menu. Move beyond the chicken marsala dinner and look at topping your poultry with a fruit chutney. Instead of the same mashed potato, how about a goat cheese and truffle infused au gratin?

Wedding New Year's Resolutions || www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog || Photo by www.RhodesStudios.com & www.MegPhoto.com

Photos by Rhodes Studios (top left & right) and Meg Baisden Photography (bottom)

Spend More Time with Family. We all know that weddings can be a great time to gather and be with family. Since everyone will be coming together to celebrate your big day, why not make the most of the time you have together? Reunion’s boutique spa is a perfect place for the bride, sisters, mothers and aunts to gather for pedicures, champagne and gossip. One of our 3 signature golf courses is sure to be an excellent location for the men to enjoy some bonding time on course. These activities with your loved ones can also be a great stress reducer allowing everyone to relax and come together before the wedding.

Wedding New Year's Resolutions || www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog

Enjoy Every Moment. We’ve all heard it, we all know it, we all still need to do it more often. Life is hectic, add planning a wedding into the mix and you can feel like you’re on a never ending carousel. So when the favors are all made, the R.S.V.P.s are all in, and the big day is finally here, make sure to take a moment, stop and soak it all in. When you and your bridal party are getting ready in one of our expansive villas, take a minute to look at the love, laughter and support surrounding you. When photos are all finished and guests are at cocktail hour, find a moment to sneak away with your groom and steal a private kiss. Before everyone enters the reception, ask for a first look at the room and check out the greatness all your hard work and planning created!

Wedding New Year's Resolutions || www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog || Photo by www.AndiMansPhotography.com

Photo by Andi Mans Photography

Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with love, laughter and happy ever after!!


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