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We love Blush!

We Love Blush by Brandee Gaar! | www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog | #ReunionResort #OrlandoWedding #blushbbg

Blush by Brandee Gaar is a full service wedding and event planning company locally owned and operated in Orlando, FL. Their philosophy is simple, “stress free brides make happy brides which in turn produces fabulous events, great for their guests and for many, many memories to come!”

This team of amazing women believe in going the extra mile to ensure Reunion wedding couples have the most unique wedding that is specifically designed just for them. They get to know each couple personally; how they met, how he proposed, what they enjoy doing together and what their ideal wedding day will look and feel like. From there they help each couple create special details that they and their guests will remember about the big day.

We Love Blush by Brandee Gaar! | www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog | #ReunionResort #OrlandoWedding #blushbbg

The ladies of Blush are known for their sleek black attire and striking pearls at every wedding…image is of key importance!  Many industry leaders have said “if you close your eyes when talking to one of the ladies of Blush it would be hard to tell who it was.  They all do everything just the same, and we like that!”.  This is a big reason we love working with Blush, consistency and flawless experience for the Wedding Day.

We asked Blush owner, Brandee Gaar, for some tips and advice about the wedding planning experience, and she provided some fun and insightful answers!

Reunion: What advice would you give to a Bride and Groom about how to best use Wedding Coordinator services?
Brandee: Use our vendor recommendations!  We recommend vendors who will be a good fit for their budget, style and vision and that will be a pro at what they do!  As well, many of the vendors we recommend provide Blush clients with discounts so using our vendor recommendations will often save them money as well!

What is a wedding trend that you are seeing for this year?
Sparkle….lots of it!  Gold, silver, sequin, glitter.  We love it!  It’s important to use it carefully though so it does not become overwhelming and tacky.

We Love Blush by Brandee Gaar! | Current Trends- silver, gold & glitter! |www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog | #ReunionResort #OrlandoWedding #blushbbg

There are a number of resources for planning weddings (magazines, blogs, Pinterest, etc), what advice would you give to a couple to best use these without getting overwhelmed?
Create a “secret” Pinterest board.  Invite only your planner and closest planning buddies to it.  Review it often to remove things that are no longer in your vision as it will change throughout the planning.  Once you pick something (dress, vendor, etc….) STOP looking!  You will make yourself crazy with buyers remorse if you’re constantly comparing what you have to what others have/suggest!

Head on over to Reunion and Blush’s Pinterest pages for ideas and inspiration!

What are some creative ways you have seen couples use the venues at Reunion Resort?
Ceremony at Eleven on the pool deck….one of my favorites!

We Love Blush by Brandee Gaar! | Photo by Andi Mans Photography| www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog | #ReunionResort #OrlandoWedding #blushbbg

What is one piece of advice you would give to a Bride and Groom for their wedding day?
Trust your wedding planner and your vendors!  They are professionals and care about the success of your big day and the details!  Be in the moment with your friends and family!  Your attitude will rub off on your guests so smile, relax and have fun!

Thank you to Brandee and the Blush Team for being great partners!

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