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We love Kaleidoscope Event Lighting!

We Love Kaleidoscope Event Lighting! | www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog | #ReunionResort #OrlandoWedding #vendorlove

Kaleidoscope Event Lighting has been in the industry for over 10 years. They continually grown with the ever-changing event industry but always put quality, design and people first. Lead by Ben Lawles, they are passionate about lighting and the vital role it plays in the atmosphere of an event, “Through evoking emotion with color, spotlighting important areas of focus, and adding unique accents, each event design is custom created to fit your vision, venue, and dream.”

We Love Kaleidoscope Event Lighting! | www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog | #ReunionResort #OrlandoWedding #vendorlove

Photos by Michael P Giordano Photography

We asked Ben, for some tips and advice about selecting and working with lighting vendors, and he provided some insightful answers!

 Reunion: What is the biggest mistake brides & grooms make when making decisions about lighting?
Kaleidoscope: Making a choice without understanding the product. We live in a day in time when vendors can easily swipe someone else’s pictures or photoshop their own to create a look that is way beyond what they are actually able to provide for their clients. There are many ways to avoid this such as reading reviews and asking other vendors, but in the end, if your second bid is less than half of the first one, something is drastically different and it will be too late to change it on the day of your wedding.

What color lighting makes people look best? What colors do not flatter people?
The best color by far is a natural tungsten light that produces a soft amber. The next best option is a soft pink. This color brings out your best skin tones. The worst color in my opinion is green. In my 10+ years of doing lighting, I have only used green lighting twice and both of those were against my will (the bride gets what she asks for, but its not always what she wants; trust your vendors!).

We Love Kaleidoscope Event Lighting! | www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog | #ReunionResort #OrlandoWedding #vendorlove

When utilizing the Grande Falls Pavilion “Tent” location here at Reunion, what do you recommend to enhance the look?
I am a big fan of natural tungsten lighting to provide the “general lighting” or ambient lighting as I call it. So for that, I would suggest natural up lighting or market lights. Then I would add hints of color around the tent in the form of up lighting, table spots, or textures artfully placed to make a statement, but not overwhelm. Finally, I really love crystal chandeliers, so I would definitely replace the existing chandeliers with a beautiful 6′ Crystal in the center. This takes the tent from an “outdoor space” to a regal ballroom set in nature!

We Love Kaleidoscope Event Lighting! | www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog | #ReunionResort #OrlandoWedding #vendorlove

We Love Kaleidoscope Event Lighting! | www.ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog | #ReunionResort #OrlandoWedding #vendorlove

Ben Lawles also owns Signature Chandeliers for wedding and event rentals. Check out their beautiful selection.

What are the latest trends in lighting for weddings?
The quick answer is; natural colors, natural lighting and many accents. I am seeing less and less of the overwhelming “LED BLOB” that brides were into for the longest time (thank God!) and now they are getting back to farm tables and perfectly accented florals. This makes me happy as I have always been a detail person. I would rather spot light 10 things and set a mood than flood the entire space so this is really a sweet spot for me.

What should a bride & groom look for when hiring a reputable lighting company?
Experience, Longevity and referrals. Lets face it, a picture can speak a thousand words, but it may not be your picture. So you can’t just go on their portfolio. But assuming they are trustworthy and you got their name from a good source, take a look at their pictures and see if it matches the look you want. Every artist has a natural bend; If you notice that every picture is overwhelmed with solid colors and gaudy textures you can be sure, that is their specialty. However, if you see a good mix of options and find many you like, this could be the perfect match!

Also, look for organization. If they ask for your wedding date 3 times that is definitely a bad sign.

Last note; you get what you pay for. high quality vendors always have some less expensive packages that are available. I would highly recommend going with quality over quantity in the area of lighting. More of a bad thing is simply blinding


Thank you to Ben and the Kaleidoscope Team! It is a pleasure to partner with such great vendors.

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