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Creating a Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding

Creating a Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding | Photos by RinatHalon.com |ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog

Thinking of creative, possibly mouthwatering, ways to wow your guests without breaking the bank?

If you’re considering a fun way to welcome guests and get the party off to a great start, look no further!

Everyone always looks forward to the wedding cake – although it seems that lately the most anticipated portion of the event has become the signature cocktail. It works as a great ice breaker for your guests and gives them the opportunity to try something they’ve probably never had before.

Make your cocktail memorable. There are endless ways to work your signature cocktail into the theme of your celebration. You’ve placed so much emphasis on all of the details – from your location, your venue, your flowers and your dress – don’t allow for the bar to be an afterthought – use the details of your event for inspiration. You could offer your very favorite drink or you can take it a step further by tying in your wedding theme. Bring your wedding color scheme to the next level by tying it into your ceremony and reception décor. Give your guests one more thoughtful clue that tells a story about the two of you – be it how you met, your favorite vacation together, a significant moment you shared or something you created together in your own kitchen that really rocked!

There is no shortage of drink options that are available to you, do some research and finds what works best for you. Make sure the drink tastes as good as it looks and consider your audience when creating your cocktail concoction, you won’t be able to please everyone but you’ll want to create something neutral enough for all to enjoy.

We wanted to share a few helpful hints to creating your signature cocktail!

  • Tailor your spirits to reflect your spirit. Your selection should reflect your party style.
  • Keep it to one or two cocktails at maximum.
  • Keep the signature drinks to cocktail hour which helps ensure the consistency of its taste.
  • Keep beer and wine flowing while serving signature cocktail for those who prefer it, but make sure they give it a try, your guests may be pleasantly surprised!
  • Come up with a creative, clever name and accessorize your drink – pair signage that explains the ingredients or meaning behind your selection, use creative stationary or a chalk board to display your signage, flag the drinks with quotes or sweet sayings.
  • Your signature cocktail could say a lot about you but may not have to. Highlighting the flavors and scents of the season is always an excellent alternative.

To give you some additional inspiration, we would like to share 2 of our favorite cocktails!
Thank you to Rinat Halon for the great cocktail photos.

Creating a Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding | Strawberry Lemonade | Photos by RinatHalon.com |ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog

Creating a Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding | Blueberry Mojito | Photos by RinatHalon.com |ReunionResort.com/WeddingBlog



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